AntlerX Supplement Review


AntlerX is a one spray solution for all your athletic and body building needs. AntlerX is made up of premium deer antler velvet, essential amino acids and minerals to naturally increase the IGF-1 levels in the body.

antlerx reviewIf you have been facing problems during your training sessions such as low energy levels and have reached a plateau in strength and muscle size. Then AntlerX is the potent and most powerful solution for you!

What is AntlerX?

AntlerX is a premium deer antler spray. Deer antler velvet has been used in the Chinese medicines for centuries. It is famous for its improving the performance of the body. It is also reported to be a natural source of Human Growth Factor IGF-1 and IGF-2.

AntlerX is made up of a proprietary formula containing high concentrations of pure deer velvet extract. As opposed to other deer antler velvet spray, AntlerX packs a powerful and super effective dose of premium deer antler velvet. AntlerX is harvested from New Zealand’s Red Deer certified and sustainable farms. These farms meet the highest quality standards and go through rigorous quality assurance tests. These tests make sure that our customers receive the best of the best deer antler velvet sprays.

There are many independent researches confirming the benefits of deer antler velvet. It is beneficial for muscle development, recovery and cardiac output. Clinical studies have proven the benefits of IGF-1 derived from Red Deer Antler Velvet. Athletes and professionals all over the world are reaping the great benefits of this potent and powerful deer antler spray, AntlerX.

Benefits of AntlerX:

Safe,Natural and Legal:

Deer antler velvet has been used in the Chinese medicines for centuries. It is a naturallyantlerx and deer antler spray occurring compound renowned for enhancing athletic performance. This compound helps your body to reap maximum benefits of training sessions.

Antler X works with your body. As it is a naturally occurring substance it is also steroids free. AntlerX is legal to use is many competitive sports. The premium deer antler used and high concentrations of this dose allows the body builders and professional athletes to naturally increase their endurance, muscle and reap maximum benefits from their training and work out sessions.
Increase Lean Muscle Mass:

AntlerX contains naturally occurring deer antler velvet. This deer velvet is renowned for its improving the overall performance of the body. Antler X contains very high levels of IGF-1. This key hormone is vital to anabolic muscle growth. Antler X boost the IGF-1 levels in the body which helps in increasing and maintaining an anabolic state.

Another key ingredient in AntlerX stimulates the production of testosterone. This process results in a fast and lasting increase in muscle growth.

High Energy Levels:

This premium deer antler spray allows the body to burn large amount of excess fat. When this excess fat is burned it is converted into energy. This everlasting energy allows the body to work out faster and longer than its usual routine sessions. These harder training sessions allows achieving a better and harder body.

Reduce the Recovery Time by Half:

Many times as pro athletes and body builders would attest to the frustration faced when their training sessions are cut short by an injury. Many times during the workout athletes suffer injuries which take a long time to heal. By the time they are allowed to workout again all their efforts are lost and wasted.

antler x supplementAntlerX cuts this injury time by as much as half. Now whatever took months to heal would take only weeks to heal. The ingredients in this premium deer antler spray allows the body to completely recover faster. This allows the athletes and body building to work out longer and harder to get to their ultimate body and muscle strengths quicker.

AntlerX contains a potent mixture of amino acid complex that aids in recovery by promoting less cell damage after periods of high intensity resistance training,

Improve Endurance Threshold:

Antler X contains proprietary formula which helps to maintain a healthy circulatory system. A healthy circulatory system ensures that the body is able to meet all the high demands of a strenuous training session.

A well-functioning circulatory system promptly delivers oxygen and nutrients to all muscles and organs during and after the training sessions. This results in a greater endurance threshold. The athletes and body builders have been using Antler X to workout longer and taking their training sessions to higher levels of physical and metal endurance.

The benefits of deer antler velvet has also been noticed by the media and related magazines. Deer antler supplements have featured on countless many sports related platforms.

Post Game said:

“It’s similar to HGH in that it aids in recovery. It helps build tissue, and strengthen tissue – more than you can ever do by training alone.”


CNBC noted great benefits of deer antler spray as follows:

“Deer antler velvet is seen as a possible steroid alternative because it includes something call insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1, which is said to regulate human growth hormone in the body.”

antler x supplement review

What is in the Antler X spray?

Deer Antler Velvet: This is the main ingredient of the AntlerX. It is extract from Red Deer antlers. It contains naturally occurring IGF-1. Deer antler spray significantly improves the performance of the body.

Niacin and Zinc: These vital minerals help the body to absorb deer antler spray. They also encourage higher energy levels in the body which results in a having a successful and longer training session.

L-Carcitine: This compound helps the body to regulate metabolism and increase the energy levels.

L-Arginine:It is one of the primary trigger to stimulate muscle growth. This compound also helps to increase protein synthesis.

L-Glutamine: This compound helps the body to produce a vital growth hormone. This HGH improves protein synthesis and prevents muscle wasting.

Caltrop: This flower extract supports the circulatory system. This allows the improved blood flow to deliver higher amounts of oxygen and nutrients to muscle and organs.

AntlerX oral spray has been specifically designed for professional body builders and athletes. The powerful and proprietary formula contains premium Red Deer antler velvet. This pure compound is mixed with other proven and powerful compounds to provide the professionals a boost in a safe and legal manner. As this spray is steroid free it is legal to sue in many competitive sports.

Enjoy the proven benefits of a natural and safe to use muscle enhancing supplement today! AntlerX is a dream come true for every athlete.

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